Title: Spend Time in God’s Word and in Prayer Devotion

You already know that you should spend time in God’s Word and prayer devotion every day. You might join a weekly Christian organization, church, or Bible Study.

Pastors or priests might have shamed you for not spending more than one hour per each Sunday on worship and devotions. The ones who object most are the clergy overly concerned with growing the number of members, not for saving the masses but for growing the dollars of tithe.

But here’s the truth: God will take whatever you have to give.

·  It’s not God that insists you spend an hour each day in His Word. If you only have time for five to ten minutes per day in worship or in His Word, then you are closer to God than most people.

·  You are God’s child and, like a father, He wants even just a little bit of attention from you. God wants you to communicate with Him, meaning He wants to hear you prayers.

·  Although Paul said we should constantly be praying, God knows that not everyone will be as devoted as Paul.

If you give only five or ten minutes to a devotional or prayer, you will be worshipping our Lord more than most. But you should not make that time a competition. You should regard it as an earnest attempt to please your Holy Father. You should not use it as a judgment of others; Jesus said we should not judge.

For the past 20+ years I have been ministering to those who want to only carve out a few minutes, daily, in God’s Word. I send three “Daily Bread (DB)” emails each week. Daily Bread messages are ecumenical and non-denominational in nature, rejoicing in, and sharing Christian beliefs with :

·  Protestants,

·  Baptists,

·  Methodists,

·  Catholics,

·  Mormons,

·  Jews,

·  other denominations

·  and even some unbelievers.

My “Daily Bread” email messages go out on:

  1. Monday and are intended to be devotionals for both Monday and revisited on Tuesday.
  2. Daily Bread messages go out on Wednesday for Wednesday and Thursday.
  3. Messages go out on Friday for Friday and Saturday.

No messages go out on Sunday in hopes that the readers will find an alternate source, like a church or Bible Study, to spend a larger amount of time in worship on Sundays.

The Daily Bread messages are always short so they could be read in less than three minutes.

Purpose of Daily Bread messages

Daily Bread (DB) messages are designed to be a form of Christian encouragement, using God’s Word, to assist in keeping a spiritual perspective and balance via email. Daily Bread messages will hopefully help sharpen the spiritual saw of those involved.

The focus in DB is to share and encourage others in their walk of faith, and I’ve made a conscious decision to avoid solicitation of funds or direct promotion of specific events within the DB messages. The entire Daily Bread message is designed to be brief so that the time spent receiving and reading the email does not impact on-the-job productivity. 

Free Enrollment

It is preferred that a request for inclusion to the DB distribution list come directly from the individual before adding his/her name to the distribution list.  Individuals wishing to receive DB should simply email me at jmike.howington@gmail.com or reply to this blog with your email address.  It is best to allow new recipients the opportunity to make their own request because good intentions, no matter how Christian or noble, can be misunderstood if these steps are not followed.   Besides, the recipient’s email address is less likely to be misspelled if it is captured in the “from” address of the requesting email. The recipient’s name and email address are never revealed, not even to other recipients.  This is ensured as every message is sent to my email address and blind copied to the distribution. Replies, comments and questions are always welcomed.  But please do not send prayer requests – the purpose and design of DB will be compromised if several people send prayer requests to people who only agreed to receive devotional messages.


If anyone on the DB list wishes to be removed, they may send me and email, or respond to the message, asking to be removed and I will do so promptly.  Reasons or explanations are not necessary.  DB is intended to be a spiritual refreshment, not an irritant or “pressure” device. Please do not “reply to all” only to the sender, so the enrollment is kept confidential.

Time Spent on DB

Please don’t devote large amounts of time at business locations on DB.  DB should never interfere with job responsibilities and professional practices.  Furthermore, we do not want to abuse the privilege of email, especially email provided by an employer.

Bibliography of DB Messages

My studies, and material for my Trans-Denominational Study Bible, include commentaries and studies from all manner of preachers, pastors, priests, and theologians. There are even notes from people who claim to be atheist.  The messages in DB are usually lifted from my daily Bible study notes.

Material sent by Dr. Mike through DB can be copied, forwarded, printed, or distributed without permission or restriction (as far as Dr. Mike is concerned). These messages are authored by me, except in the very rare instances that another source is referenced. Based on how many messages came to be, I know that The Holy Spirit is the author and I am but the message boy.

To see a sample of Daily Bread messages go to:


Do you spend time in God’s Word every day? Reply to this posting and tell me how much time you devote to worship, or study, God every day.

You need not admit your current devotion. You need not send any message or explanation. Simply send me your email address and I will send you Daily Bread messages.

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