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Because the world of the web has become over-run with vicious and malicious people, Dr. Mike is reluctant to post too much personal information on this website. Born James Michael Howington a long, long time ago. But I grew up as an army brat with the name “Mike Howington” – only my mom and my sisters called me “Mikey”. In the Air Force (a Vietnam Vet.), I was called “Howy”. Most of my friends and associates called me “Mike” while solicitors and client organizations called me “James”, (coworkers normally called me “Mike.” I could always tell telemarketers as they were the only ones that called me “Jim.”

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science, a Master’s of Science, an MBA and a PhD. Along with the PhD, I received my ordination and earned the title “Reverend Dr. J. Mike Howington.” Thereafter my friends and associates called me “Dr. Mike”. I, The Reverend Doctor J. Mike Howington have worn many hats in many situations, but for the most part, I was a computer application analyst/architect for more than 40 years. In January of 2017, I retired from that career. Since my retirement in 2017, I have been mainly building web pages, website databases, spreadsheets, and bookkeeping for caypay.com and her clients. I keep busy with my “jobs” (volunteer) at the Senior Activity Center, my responsibilities as SantaForHireDfw.com judging high school debate/speech, and working the polls for elections. I have gone back into martial arts, increased my household chores, and taken up infant sitting for my neighbors.

Contact Dr. Mike

To contact Dr. Mike directly send an email to jmike.howington@gmail.com

or leave a comment on this site,

or find me on twitter @DrHowington

Dr. Mike’s home website is at: www.Howingtonenterprises.com

there you will find my retired resume and a menu bar; having a link to my technical resume; a link to my Daily Bread ministry @ http://howingtonenterprises.com/DBdatabase/DBpage.php;

a link to my daughter’s business: @ www.facebook.com/visitwithsanta, and a link to my facebook page (it’s been a quite a while since I updated facebook).

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